Core Code Training Defined

Core Code Training is a comprehensive workout concept that is unique to individuals of the Plantation and Sunrise area. Core Code Training is not a series of exercises. It is not a workout program.

Core Code Training is a revolutionary approach to fitness training. Unlike other standardized workout programs, Core Code workout sessions are almost never the same. With the exception of the few benchmark workouts to periodically evaluate member’s growth and performance, our classes are created on a daily basis.

A single Core Code class trains all major muscle groups and always includes a cardiovascular component and a resistance component. To accomplish this, your Core Code instructor chooses from hundreds of individual exercises and training methods to develop a single workout.

The Core Code Training Academy Experience

Core Code Training was developed to train individuals of all fitness levels. The exercises are selected in a manner that allows the participant to go beyond his or her individual fitness ceiling. In a Core Code class, you will be encouraged to pursue your limit, but it is you who will determine how much you want to challenge yourself.

At Core Code, we train our minds to push the performance envelope of our bodies. The men and women who train at our Broward County studio range in age, weight, body type, and level of physical fitness, but they share the same mental discipline and desire to improve. Regardless of how fit our members are when they walk into a Core Code class, the goal is for everyone to leave exhausted and accomplished.

The Goals of Core Code Training

The individuals who train at our Plantation Academy have a variety of goals. Some want a break from the monotony of repetitive exercise classes and are looking for an ever-changing workout platform. Some are training for physically challenging events, such as triathlons, adventure races, or ultra-marathons.

A number of our members came to us because they are tired of spending hours in a gym with very little to show for it. Whatever your fitness objective is, Core Code Training will help you achieve it so that you can define new goals for yourself.

Core Code Community

Ultimately, you are in command of your own workout. No one else can perform an exercise for you. With this in mind, almost all Core Code exercises are performed individually, but you will never be alone or without instruction. From the minute you are greeted by your Core Code instructor at the door of the Core Code Training Academy in Plantation, you will be constantly monitored for safety and evaluation.

If you are performing an exercise in a way that is likely to cause you injury or detracts from the potential benefits, a Core Code instructor will coach you until you are performing it properly.

The Importance of Precision in Core Code Training

The best way for members to achieve their maximum potential is to first learn to do an exercise to an exacting standard. Once you’re trained on how to execute every component of an exercise precisely, your performance will increase dramatically.

Coaches and senior members of the Core Code Training Academy are encouraged to help newer members realize the proper execution of the moves. At Core Code Training, we work together as a group to blast through our physical barriers and lay claim to astonishing results.